Beal - Gully 7,3 mm 60m GD UC Orange

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2 310 kr
1 799 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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511 kr (22%)
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Weighing only 36 g per metre, the GULLY 7.3 is the lightest double rope on the market. It is also certified as twin rope.
Its extremely light weight and very low impact force make the GULLY 7.3 the ideal rope for ice climbing, mountaineering and the most demanding terrain. Like all other thin double ropes in BEALs range, the GULLY 7.3 benefits from the reliability and additional safety that UNICORE technology provides.

Golden Dry series.
UNICORE technology benefits.

Expert climbers on glacial, mountain or adventure climbing.

Rep: Dynamiskt halvrep 
Längder: 50m/60m/70m
Färger: Orange och Grön
Vikt per meter: 36g
Fångryck UIAA: 7,40kN
Antal UIAA fall: 6
Mantelglid: 0mm 
Manteldel: 45% 
Förlängning vid första fallet: 34% 
Statisk förlängning: 8,9%
Material: Polyamid
Garanti: 3år
Standard CE 0120 EN 892 UIAA

Tillverkad med Unicore teknologi.